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Wildebeest Migration

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Wildebeest Migration

The ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ is an iconic adventure. The clopping of hooves and the crescendo of the grunts as thousands of zebras, antelope, and wildebeest cross the infinite plains. Serengeti has over 500 bird species and 70 mammals species.

Tourists from all corners of the world come to witness the phenomenal event. The breathtaking occasion takes place from December to March. The animals follow the rainfall and greener pastures. These dramatic frenzies and the chaotic view allows the observers to see the creatures overcome tough challenges. Their defense mechanism against the predators and skillful tactic crossing the infested crocodile waters.

In February, the wildebeest are in the Southern region of Serengeti. Famously known as the calving period, the pregnant creatures deliver close to 500K calves in a span of two to three weeks. They graze in the short savanna grass.

During June, the animals move to Grumeti from the western part. It is a rewarding game viewing as there are numerous predators in play, and the animals are evenly spread out. Tourists can utilize the deluxe private camps that move with the migration.

The wildebeest migrate to Masai Mara from Serengeti in search of fresh grass and water. The scenic view takes place from July to September. The Mara River Nile dangerous crocodiles chomp thousands of animals. The occasion predominantly depends on the rainfall.

Visitors that are in the northern region of Serengeti in June or September can observe the magical event. It is a breathtaking lifetime migration that is incomparable to any other African Safari. The cycle of life in the Serengeti ecosystem is filled with emotion. The wildebeest move in a diverse fauna from the open grassland plains to the woodlands and the riverine forests.

We offer a bespoke walking safari experience. The ultimate intimate, adventurous moment allows you to encounter the creature vividly. We also organize a driving safari and can book you a mind-blowing hot air balloon safari. You can also choose to move with the animals by staying in a luxury private camp. The tent is safe and enables you to encounter a thrilling adventure.

In the daytime, you will be tracking down the creatures while you unwind at the mobile camp at night. Stargaze around the bonfire as you listen to the remarkable sounds of the nocturnal beasts. The guides even prepare a bush meal. The memorable, unique experience will haunt you, and chances of coming back over and over are inevitable.

If you are skeptical about the bush experience, you may want to try out the luxury lodges surrounding the parks. They prepare candlelit dinners and private game safari. Whichever you choose, you should not miss out on this phenomenal event. Millions of animals are available to be seen.

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Wildebeest Migration

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