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Walking Safari

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Walking Safari

Walking safari is an ideal way of exploring the bush. The purest depicting event showcases the tiny details that you may miss out when on a game drive. You feel the wildness vividly as your sense of observation and listening sharpens. The exhilarating moment makes you change how you view nature and the wildlife.

The event is safe, and your guide tracks down the animals. You can also detect animal markings, broken twigs trying to figure out which fauna was present and the direction they might have taken. Tourists can also understand the animals that hide in holes and the bird species that design their nests in a particular manner. They also show you the medicinal plants.

We organize a memorable African walking safari. Travelers get to venture into the wilderness as their adrenaline rises. There is no need to panic. Listen to the experts as they understand the ecosystem better. The tiny animals contributing significantly to the ecosystem, like termites and the dung beetle, are easily visible.

Zambia is a prominent safari destination with idyllic trekking safari events. In Tanzania Ngorongoro, Katavi, Ruaha, and Serengeti, you can walk in the bush for a couple of days, tracking the nocturnal animals. In Kenya, we have Tsavo, Masai Mara, and Laikipia with friendly tour guides. South Africa is not left behind with the Limpopo part having breathtaking game watch opportunities while on foot.

The best time for an African trekking safari is from June to October. The temperature is more remarkable as the winter is approaching. The animals have also feasted on the grass, providing greater visibility. The walking events are never crowded, and you can take them with family or a small group.

The walking safari in Zambia covers 6 to 10 kilometers per day. Tourists get to visit one camp to the other in 5 days and a maximum of 6 days. You can catch up with the rest of the group members at the camp, stargazing and warming up at the bonfire. You can choose to reside in a rustic campsite or luxurious accommodation. Some tents have only a mosquito net with a bedroll, others a bedroom on the floor detached with a bucket shower with plenty of hot water and a tiny drop loo. There is no problem if you are not fit.

The walking safari takes approximately 4 hours. Be prepared as you will need to relieve yourself in the bush. The guides identify a safe spot and leave you to it. A golden silence is super rewarding. A barking baboon often signifies there are predators nearby. It is also essential that you take clothes that quickly shed away as the temperature becomes hostile.

Contact us for a pristine moment in the wilderness. We prepare a spine-tingling wildlife viewing. Let us know the season that you wish to travel. The experience is magical and varies depending on reserves, countries, and camps. All of them have something unique to offer.

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