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Saruni Samburu

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Saruni Samburu

The Saruni Samburu Comprises six different lucrative and luxurious villas, which are spacious and magnificent, that give a panoramic view of the delightful Kalama Conservancy with a sneak peek into Mount Kenya.

One mind-blowing factor with these villages is that the first villa is exceedingly spacious, allowing for family residents. Additionally, they are equipped with about three different master en-suite bedrooms interlocked together by a colorful verandah and a well-decorated living room.

This lodge is the only tourist lodge that seats over 200,000 acres of pristine wilderness, facilitated by the conjunction between the Kenya Wildlife Service. Moreover, there is intense cultural diversity with interim guidance by native Samburu warriors who will push the culture of affiliation and land. This is the range of reasons you may opt to participate during your visit to Saruni Samburu.

Get a glimpse of a beautiful serene location

Impressively this lounge seats on ancestral lands falling to the northern side of the Samburu national reserve. It is imperative to note that during your visit, you will adjust to overlook an infinite private harbor full of beautiful and natural wildlife known as the column a Conservancy. The latter is granted access to the immediate 200,000 acres filled with Immaculate and eye-capturing wilderness.

Catch a glimpse of incredible wildlife

The surrounding areas bloom with all sorts of the word life. The portfolio is quite diverse, from the giant herds of tamed elephants headed for the watering points to get a drink or the leopard lazing around rocky outcrops if it is not for the globally declared endangered species of the African wild dog as they traverse the planes below the lodge.

When you mentally the zone, it's also the natural habitat stool of some of the rare and endemic species known as the Samburu 5, including the Somali ostrich, Bielsa oryx, Gerenuk, and Grevy's zebra.

Enshrine yourself in innovative eco-design

Amusedly, Samburu comes across as the first and one of the exclusive lodges having this type of design in Kenya. It employs an eco-design in an architecturally mind-blowing and creative way, as the premise got constructed within and around one enormous volcanic rock face.

The blend between this natural piece of art and the building is so seamless that both compile, giving birth to and elevating a natural ambiance that is so beautifully bold and dramatically unique.

Fulfill your insatiable spirit of adventure

At least you can experience a range of fascinating, mind-blowing relaxing, and rare activities at Sarani Samburu. Provisionally guests may opt to take one of the nights or game drives held during the day for some of the local antique caves under the guidance of traditional Nilotic Samburu men.

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