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Giraffe Manor

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Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor, under the Safari Collection ownership, is one of the top-tier executively exclusive boutique hotels in Kenya. If you are an Instagram fan, you must have come across claims that this harbor of splendor is among one of the most beautiful and Instagrammed properties globally.

The property sits on 12 acres of land under private ownership amidst a 140-acre filled indigenous forest in the Suburbs of Langata. Langata is just within the outskirts of Nairobi, the country's capital city, making Giraffe Manor one of the most unique and beautiful places to visit in Nairobi whenever you set foot in Kenya.

Surprisingly The Giraffe Manor has an antique appeal that impresses a feel that harks back to the thirties, a spree that saw an enormous amount of visitors flood to East Africa to have that Safari. The Delightful gardens, elegantly created interior, sand-built terraces, and colorful courtyards Change the whole visit and make it seem like one is in a film out of Africa. Additionally, it is equipped with over 12 different rooms, with one taking after the name of the Ronald author Karen Blixen.

One of the marvelous elements of giraffe Manor is the Rothschild’s giraffes that reside within these premises and pay regular visits in the morning and evening. It would help if you witnessed these visits and watched the giraffes poke their elongated necks through the window panes hoping for a treat. This is one of the moments you should catch in person before the head of the giraffe retreats to the forest sanctuary.

For this boutique, hotel booking is allowed during the night with the provision of customized Kenya safari under the safari collection.

You may opt to participate in a range of activities to visit the giraffe money in Nairobi. Some of these activities include the following.

Get to have breakfast served alongside the heart of giraffes

It is undoubtedly an exceedingly fantastic event to wake up to a breakfast served while getting a glimpse of the giraffes. Unfortunately, at the giraffe Manor, the experience is reserved for anyone who visits as an overnight guest. You would definitely like, if not savor, the moment you watch the giraffe.

If you intend to get fast and experience when ho beautiful and precious these soulful creatures out, you better get to the giraffe Manor word you are bound to see the giraffe lope across their manor lawns as they peer their elongated necks via the windows.

It would help if you were looking for their inquisitive giraffe tongues stretching up to twenty inches long, trying to scan for what's on offer: some nutritious grass pellets or some choose dried hay, but not pancakes. Since the giraffe residing at the giraffe money comes across as wild animals and assurance personal interaction with them at any time whatsoever, it's not guaranteed.

Get to experience our Orchid house

You are free to organize a special secluded dinner at any given time during a visit. Are you someone who resonates with sweet fragrances supplemented by champagne and candlelight? The orchid house, a product of Mikey and Tanya’s shared desire, is one of the delightful and private corners within the manner where you can get your time to enshrine yourself amidst total bliss serenely.

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