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Hwange National Park

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Hwange National Park

A holiday at Hwange National Park is unforgettable. It is the largest park located northwest and covering an area of 14,650 km2. The Ndebele warriors used to hunt at this royal ground. The park is renamed after Nhanzwa, who was the local chief.

There are over 400-bird species face lifting the sky and over 400 breeds of mammals. Have a breathtaking view of a 50K herd of tusker elephants. Big herds of elephants match the Chobe National Park in Botswana.

Moreover, the elephants gather at natural pans in the park, eating the salty deposits at the ant heaps. The surface they consume later forms into hollows, stuffing up with rainwater. You can also drive to Victoria Falls from Hwange as it is about an hour away. The falls is among the Seven Wonders of the World.

In the south, it is sandy, extending to the Kalahari Desert. The vegetation mainly found here is mixed Terminalia, baobabs, riverine bush strips, and mopane. The grasslands are bushy with groves and granite outcrops.

The steppe is made of grassland and woodland savanna. The main trees being an ordeal, ilala palm, bloodwood, and Zambezi teak. Zimbabwe luxury accommodation awaits you. Tourists reside at the Sinamatella, Main Camp, Somalisa Camp, Davison’s Camp, The Hide Safari Camp, or Robin camp.

In 1928 is when this place was declared a national park. Are you looking for the best African safari with outstanding game viewing? Then you have come to the right destination. The Hwange Park is the oldest and the largest in Zimbabwe.

There are numerous ranges of wildlife; lion, giraffe, leopard, buffalo, zebra, gemsbok, wild dog, buffalo, impala, kudu, hyena, sable, and others. Tourists can explore the Hwange National park on horseback, foot, or game drive. Moreover, this is home to the endangered brown hyena. The Hwange is a big five destination despite the number of rhinos being scarce due to poaching. Nonetheless, groups of conservation bring hope to the park by guarding the wildlife.

The Hwange park safari can be combined with a tour at the ‘smoke that thunders. Hwange bounders the Bulawayo and Victoria Falls; hence you can discover unlimited wildlife.

Additionally, it is believed that this is one place in the continent with the highest population of wild dogs. You can watch unforgettable hunting procedures. You can bring kids to Hwange, but the area is a risky malaria zone. Therefore, take insect repellent, wear long-sleeve clothes, and take malaria pills.

Animals at Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is filled with extensive wildlife. Here are some of the Zimbabwe Wildlife that you will get a chance to see: Hwange National Park is home to over 100 species of mammals and around 400 species of birds. Elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes, several antelope species, etc. can be seen on a safari.

The park also has a large concentration of lions. The lion population is more than 500. Predators such as brown hyenas, cheetahs, and leopards are here as well. In the dry season, you can also observe elephants. They come in huge numbers to the watering holes during this time. All of the Big Five are in the park too.

Activities at Hwange National Park

There are several options for visitors looking for activities at Hwange National Park. Let’s have a look: Game drives and 4WD Safaris are a great way to spot the wildlife of Hwange. Visitors can spot the big five on the game drives as well. Guided bush walks are also a great option available to visitors. As well as Night Drives, Walking Safaris, and Birding Safaris.

Highlights of Hwange National Park

Below is a list of the top highlights of Hwange National Park:

  • The largest game reserve in Zimbabwe is Hwange National Park.
  • Renowned for its huge elephant herds.
  • It's a great location for witnessing African Wild Dogs.
  • It's close to Victoria Falls.
  • Hwange has awesome choices for accommodations.

Thus, if you're planning a Zimbabwe Safari, then you can't ever go wrong in picking Hwange National Park.

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