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Chizarira National Park

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Chizarira National Park

Chizarira National Park was founded in 1975. Chizarira gets its name from the Batonka word Chijalila which refers to the great barrier. It signifies the eye-catching Zambezi escarpment that the hill and mountain of Chizarira create a segment. The Chizarira NP is the third largest park in Zimbabwe and occupies an area of 2,000 km².

Sadly, this park does not get many tourists. It agonizes from poaching, and animals are less dense compared to other parks. Nonetheless, you can spot over 580 species of raptors. Additionally, paradise provides a fulfilling wilderness experience.

The glorious sceneries you get to see at Chizarira are; Lake Kariba and Zambezi Valley. This is through the dark profundity of the gorges and south past the park. The best way of seeing the animals is via a game drive. You will find lodges and camps that are safe to reside in.

The Chizarira park hosts animals like; leopards, African elephants, Cape buffalo, wild dogs, cheetahs, hippos, kudu, crocodiles, bushbuck, roan antelope, sable antelope, nyala, tsessebe, and lion. Visitors can also spot tiny creatures like the klipspringer. Moreover, there is numerous birdlife such as the African emerald cuckoo, broadbill, African pitta, Livingstone’s flycatcher, and Taita falcon. Like all other parks, the best time to visit Chizarira National Park is during the dry season.

The landscape is craggy, with rugged mountains deeply engraved by charismatic gulches and grand gorges. In the profoundly unnavigable valleys squeezed between distinctive open plains, the lush flora drinks from the vibrant natural springs.

Animals of Chizarira National Park

The area is home to four of the Big Five wildlife species lions, leopards, buffalo and elephants. Tourists can also spot a good mix of mammals such as waterbuck, duiker, zebra, bushbuck, eland, kudu, reedbuck, warthog, impala, and klipspringer. A variety of smaller carnivores are also spotted including hyenas, side-striped jackals, genet cats, civet cats and African wild cats.

Activities at Chizarira National Park

  • You can witness the enormous wildlife along with the four animals among the Big Five through a Game Drive.
  • Witness the Scenic View through a guided walk in Chizarira National Park.
  • With about 400 bird species, Chizarira National Park is a perfect place for bird watching.

Highlights of Chizarira National Park

  • The best views of Africa's Big Five.
  • The park host most of the expected plains wildlife as well as megafaunas such as African elephant, lion, leopard and Cape buffalo.

Best Time to visit Chizarira National Park

Between July to October, the middle to end of the dry season is the best time to spot animals at Chizariria’s waterholes and rivers. Sunny days, clear skies and an absence of mosquitoes are other advantages of visiting Chizarira National Park at this time of year.

Chizarira National Park offers some excellent safari experiences to tourists. Come and visit this amazing African destination with a trustable safari guide!

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