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Seychelles Travel Guide

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Seychelles Travel Guide Details

Seychelles is a combination of more than 1000 islands. From which the main islands are found off the eastern coast of Kenya. It’s an excellent place to visit for its varied marine life.

The Seychelles Islands are perfect for people who admire beaches. As well as one of the best places in the world for honeymooners. This Seychelles Travel Guide will go over everything you need to know before your trip.

Best Time to visit Seychelles

The calmer intervals between the two trade winds that Seychelles experiences each year are between April and May and October and November. This makes them the perfect times to travel there.

Between May and September, the southeast wind blows, whereas the northwest trade wind picks up from November to March.

Activities to do in Seychelles

Below is a list of 6 activities that we recommend for travellers on a Trip to Seychelles.

  • Explore a Vanilla and Coconut Plantation House – The L’Union Estate.
  • Sunbathe on the pristine beaches of Seychelles.
  • Discover the luxury of Seychelles in Petit Amour.
  • Go on a Zip-Lining Adventure – And witness the views of the forest canopies.
  • Hike the Capolia Trail – A wonderful trekking experience!
  • Explore the shopping areas of Seychelles (We recommend the Kenwyn House).

Entry Requirements in Seychelles

All visitors need to have Health Travel Authorisation. And a valid Travel insurance policy for entry into Seychelles.

  • From 15 March 2022, travellers who are fully vaccinated don’t need to take any COVID-19 travel tests before arriving in Seychelles.
  • If you travel to Seychelles, your passport should be valid for the exact duration of your stay.

Note – Visas are not required for travellers who have a British Passport.

Highlights of a Trip to Seychelles

  • Try the delicious street food of Seychelles.
  • Visit the Victoria Market
  • Drive along the southern coast
  • Explore the pink sand beaches of Mahe Island.
  • Experience tranquillity at its best – on Praslin Island!

Best Time To Visit Seychelles

Seychelles is regarded as one of the best beach destinations on the planet. A Seychelles Tour will surely provide a special experience. So, if you want to look for an ideal holiday destination come to Seychelles. But before making a tour, you should know what the best time to visit Seychelles.

Seychelles Maps & Highlights

Seychelles is an island country located in the Somalia Sea northeast of Madagascar and around 1,344 kilometers from Mogadishu.This geographical isolation is full of Seychelles flora and fauna that can’t be found elsewhere on earth. Most visitors attract to the shining beaches and turquoise waters.

Seychelles Tourism

When in 1971, the Seychelles International Airport was opened, it changed the fate of Seychelles Tourism. After the opening of this airport, the tourism sector saw rapid growth.The tourism sector became the primary industry of Seychelles. So, if you are also planning a visit to Seychelles, then take a look at this article.

Seychelles Travel Advice

Seychelles remains a safe and travel worthy destination. It is always ready to welcome you and ensure that you enjoy the holiday of your dreams. But before visiting you should follow the travel advice set by the government.All visitors need to have a Health Travel Authorisation and valid Travel and Health Insurance to entry in Seychelles.

Seychelles Travel Cost

If you love diving, fishing on the coast or relaxing on a sunny beach, Seychelles has everything you need. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands located on the east coast of Africa. If you are planning a visit to Seychelles, then you should know how much the travel cost.

Seychelles Visa

If you’re planning to go on a trip to the islands of Seychelles, then you should know about the visa fees, requirements as well as visa policies of Seychelles. But, don’t worry as we’ve got your back! Let’s have a look at all the things you need to know about a Seychelles Visa.

Seychelles Travel Safety

It is very obvious that before travelling to any country, a lot of questions come to our mind. And the questions related to how to travel safely are very important. So, don’t worry, we will try to answer all your questions, so that you can make a safe visit to Seychelles Destinations.

Things To Do In Seychelles

The marvellous archipelago of Seychelles is a blend of natural wonders. Lush green gardens, glittering turquoise ocean water, sparkling beaches, and dreamy lagoons – Seychelles has a lot to offer.Mahe Island which has the Capolia Trail is one of the best for hiking and trekking enthusiasts.

Travel In Seychelles

The seemingly remote island with endless white beaches, giant rocks and crowd-free sands, Seychelles is a beautiful dream for travel enthusiasts.Most travelers visit Seychelles by getting into Mahe International Airport. The main Islands of Seychelles are connected by ferry. There is also a connected flight between Mahe and Praslin.


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