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When To Travel In Africa

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When To Travel In Africa

Pick of January

East Africa is prominently known as the best safari destination. Tourists that wish to observe the Great Wildebeest Migration crowd the place. The lovebirds prefer Seychelles for their romantic honeymoon. Kruger National Park in South Africa has the iconic Big Five. We have expert guides that understand the flora and fauna. Our team is of local blend and understands the best travel seasons in Africa. 

Kalahari Desert-Botswana

What to expect in Kalahari in January

Kalahari has an idyllic view of the zebra migration in January. The grass is lush and birding activities are splendid. 

Why visit during Jan

There is high rainfall between January and February. You will hardly spot the wildlife in Chobe National Park and other Northern parts of Botswana. Kalahari is desert and based in the Southern region. The sunlight dazzles in the empty blue skies and mizzles steadily. It transforms the red dune sands to a breathtaking greenland. Therefore, the wildlife, predators, migratory, and resident birds flocks makes the scenic scenery a great safari destination.

Zebras with paramount white stripes and their black fur fill the desert with beauty.  They travel from all the way to Nxai and Makgadikgadi Pans. It is also important to note that Kalahari does not receive many visitors in contrast to other spotlight parks like Chobe and the Okavango Delta. Hence, you will get pocket friendly rates in deluxe lodges without necessary booking in advance.

Contact us for a customized itinerary for your Botswana Safari. Do not forget to check our expert pointer for the rookie photographers on how to take pictures of the pretty birds on your safari. 

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

What to expect in Volcanoes Park

A trip to the Volcanoes National Park guarantees a memorable Mountain Gorillas Trekking experience. 

Why visit during January

January does have insufficient rainfall, and the terrains are passable with little mud and dust. The galleria trekking places have restrictions on permits issued in a day. Ensure that you book your spot for trekking in advance. This is because there are a few rooms in some of the remote parks, such as Bwindi. The destinations are crowded during the dry season. 

Do not forget to check out our detailed insight on gorilla trekking on the types of clothing to wear, what to expect, and vaccinations you need. It is also essential to know how to behave while in the presence of the apes.

Southern Serengeti-Tanzania

Why visit 

Witness the Great Wildebeest Migration during this season.

What to expect in Southern Serengeti in January

Wildlife gathers around during January in the Southern region of the Serengeti. The life-giving summer rainfall makes the grass lush and perfect for the herds mass to feed on. The predators are also actively hunting in the Serengeti ecosystem. The calving season is best for nature enthusiasts to spot 8,000 calves, piglets, and cubs born each day. 

When to book

In January, Serengeti is viewed as a Green Season or the low season. Tourists are fewer compared to the high season in the mid-year. There is plenty of accommodation for the guests and at a lower price than the high season. Hence, tourists don’t have to book in advance. Nonetheless, Tanzania residents occupy the area during the New Year celebration.

To understand the Gnu Migration better, we recommend you read our content about the thrilling encounter of the Migration. 

Cape Town & Garden Route

Why Visit the Cape in Jan

Take a guided Cape Town trip or a fascinating road trip. You can easily access the Garden Route, the Cape Winelands to sample tasty drinks and the significant Addo Elephant National Park. 

What to expect in January at the Cape Town

Other Prominent destinations in South Africa like the Madikwe Private Game Reserve, Phinda Private Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, and  Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park experience the impact of the rain. However, the Garden Route and Cape Town are dry and ideal holiday destinations in January.

When to Book

The South African natives are on a New Year holiday. Additionally, the schools are on holiday, making the country busy. The learning institution resumes in Mid January, making it a perfect time to visit.  

Pick Of February

Ngorongoro Crater-Tanzania

Why visit Ngorongoro in February

Ngorongoro is an elysian place for Big Five sightings.

What to expect in Ngorongoro 

The animals are concentrated in Ngorongoro, and they do not move beyond the Crater. The destination receives several tourists, but during January, it is less crowded. The rates are also pocket friendly. 

When to Book

We recommend that you plan accordingly and book your safari to Ngorongoro Crater by New Year. The Crater is a Word-famous African safari destination. Therefore, avoid rushing at the last minute. 

For the novice guests that have never visited Tanzania before, check out our guidelines. 

Fregate, Denis, Oraslin & Mahe Islands- The Seychelles

Why visit Seychelles in February

These are idyllic ventures for snorkeling, spotting black parrots, diving, watching the charming tortoises, stretching on the soft coastline sand, and finding the coc0-de-Mer, the largest seed on the planet.

What to expect

The best beaches in Seychelles are in remote cyclone zones. The tropical weather on the island is best for relaxation. The region receives short rain and thunderstorms in the Afternoon of February.

When to book

The beautiful beaches in Fregate, Denis, Praslin & Mahe Islands receive many guests. Couples visit the island for a memorable romantic holiday and honeymoon. Therefore, you need to book in advance for your special occasion. There are luxury lodges in the surrounding with a sun-drenched deck; infinity heated private pool that has a breathtaking view of the color tints of the Indian Ocean.

Our Expert team has shared insightful things to do in Seychelles to make your stay memorable.

Samburu National Reserve -Kenya

Why Samburu is popular in February 

At Samburu, you can have a thrilling game drive that is rewarding. The endemic Samburu Species 5; the reticulated giraffe, endangered Grevy’s zebra, beisa oryx, gerenuk, Somali ostrich can be easily spotted. 

What to expect

Samburu Park has thorny scrub, and doum palm groves are perfect for grazing. The summer rain is over, and the arid area is accessible. 

When to book

You can book at any time as the Samburu National Reserve is operating to the last minute. 

Are you traveling for the first time in Kenya? Check out the flora and fauna of Samburu.

Best Place In March

Southern Serengeti- Tanzania

Why Visit Serengeti in March

The epochal migration of vast herds is moving to the North of Serengeti. The young animals born in the south Serengeti are energetic and ready to move together with their parents in the savannah. 

What to expect in  Southern Serengeti

The Wildebeest migrate in search of water and greener pasture. Tanzania is in its green season, and photographers can capture the scenic scenery. The rates at several accommodations are low.

When to Book

We recommend that you inquire if you want to travel instantly to Serengeti. Luckily, the destination is accessible. However, the local family and self-drivers may make the Park busy.

Check out this insightful information regarding the Wildebeest Migration and the fascinating things that occur. 

Sabi Sands Game Reserve 

Why travel to Sabi Sands in March

In March, you can indulge in a walking safari or night drive at the Sabi Sands. There is deluxe accommodation, and the Big Five creatures like rhinos and leopards can be viewed. 

What to expect

Kruger and Sabi Sands have unfenced borders, and animals quickly move around. Both are the best South Africa safari destination. The land is flourishing and profuse. Expect afternoon thunderstorms and a photographic sighting.

When to Book

You can secure your spot by booking in January for your African Safari.

Check out these prominent luxury lodges in Sabi Sands.

KwaZulu-Natal Midlands 

Why tour KwaZulu

KwaZulu Natal has several activities that travelers can engage in. For instance, there is an exotic nightlife that allows you to party like a native. Additionally, you can embark on a horse riding, hiking, biking, or walking tour. 

What makes KwaZulu an ideal destination in March

During March, the summer is approaching, and the temperature rises in the evening. This is a perfect opportunity to explore the neighborhood and discover a segment only known by the indigenous people.

When to book

The best time to tour KwaZulu depends on when the Easter holiday falls. The locals occupy the destination, and you can hardly secure a spot. Therefore, plan in accordance to avoid inconvenience. 

Check out fantastic information about Dragon’s Mountain.

Best Place In April

Cape Town 

What to expect

You can ride the cable car at Table Mountain, trek at the Sea Point promenade, visit the Cape Point Vineyards and sample tasty wine as you admire the beautiful Noordhoek beach. The artwork at Woodstock is striking. 

Why visit Cape Town in 

In Cape Town, during April, the wind and the heat of the summer vanish. The autumn kicks in, and the blue skies are admirable. The temperature ranges from 15°C (59°F) and 27°c (81°F). 

When to Book

Cape Town is popularly known for throwing phenomenal events and festivals. Depending on when the school breaks for the Easter holiday, you can book your safari in advance. The South African people occupy the hotels, and you could miss out. 

We can help in getting an expert guide to help you explore the town.

Cape Town is reputable for its mouthwatering dishes, and the foodies flock to the place. There are also world-class wineries; the city gets its influence from the Malay culture. The beaches are also lively and a perfect way to unwind after a long day.

 Sossusvlei & Etosha National Park 

Sossusvlei is a riveting holiday destination in April. The Etosha Park has a spellbinding game viewing opportunity. The Wildebeest is coming back to the central region, and your guide can drive you around. 

Why visit these Namibia in April

The severe heat is gone, and the rainfall has also subsided. The evening and the mornings are fantastic, and the cold evening is yet to come. The panorama has some vibrant feeding spots. 

When to book 

We suggest that you consult us before your visit. We recommend booking two months in advance as the local and school holidays are on break. Luckily April is not a peak month.

There are several fun-filled activities and inspirational safari destinations in Namibia.

Best Place In May

Okavango Delta - Botswana

Okavango Delta is one of the most popular parks in Botswana.

What makes Okavango an ideal safari destination in May

The skies are blue, and the temperature is moderate. The dry season is kicking in as the floodwater fills up the place from the Angolan highland. There is plenty of aquae to quench the thirst of the wildlife. We recommend that you take our skilled guides to assist you with easy spotting of the predators as they tend to hide. A mokoro ride at the water is a thrilling activity. 

When to book

We recommend that you make a booking in advance to secure a spot in a luxury lodge in Botswana. The destination is on-demand as tourists visit from across the globe for excellent game viewing.

Check out some of the Botswana spotlight areas

KwaZulu Natal - South Africa

Why visit Kwazulu Natal 

KwaZulu has dazzling sunshine in May. Embark on a self-drive trip, beaches, and bush safari.  

What to expect in KwaZulu Natal

You can go for hiking activities in the Drakensberg Mountains. The autumn temperature is manageable. There is a variety of wildlife, including the Big Five. You can visit the national park or the private reserves. The KwaZulu Natal has a rich history of the colonial era, like the battlefields. There are several landmarks, and you can visit the place where the police arrested Nelson Mandela

When to book

The country is not busy as the schools are ongoing. Game viewing is perfect in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi National Park and Phinda Game Reserve. 


What to expect

Seychelles is a paradise of charming islands. There are spectacular activities you can partake in, like admiring the giant turtles. The waters are clear, and snorkelers and divers can view 20 meters to 90 feet.

Why visit Seychelles in May

The air conditioner in your suite comes in handy in Seychelles in May. The temperature ranges from 28°C to 31°C at the peak of the day. The waters are calm and ideal for submarine explorers. 

Eastern Cape - South Africa

Why tour the Eastern Cape 

The destination is ideal for visiting in May. There are fewer tourists, and the rates are also low. It is the first winter month, and you will be happy to know Eastern Cape is a malaria-free zone. You can go for a beginner safari or end your Garden Route drive here.

What to expect in May at Eastern Cape

You can sunbathe at the Port Elizabeth Beaches and view the breathtaking view of the province. There are forests, endless coastline, rolling hills, and the semi-arid desert.  At Addo National Park, you can watch the ‘Big 7’; the Southern right whales, white sharks safeguarded in the marine section in the third largest park in South Africa. 

When to book

Addo Park is a hidden gem that not many people know exactly what they are missing. In May, it is the peak season, and you can book two-three months in advance. This will help you get your desirable deluxe accommodation with ease. 

Best Place In June

Grumeti Reserve - Tanzania 

What to expect

Grumeti is idyllically situated in the route of the Wildebeest Migration. It gives tourists a unique sighting of the animals from the front row site. The predators are also in play, each one of them salivating for their plenty of prey. Some of the activities include a hot air balloon safari, night drives, and walking safari.

Why Visit the Grumeti

The luxurious Grumeti reserve has phenomenal five tiny homesteads. In June and July, millions of animals are heading to Serengeti from Masai Mara in Kenya. The private reserve is an elegant experience thanks to a smaller number of people and vehicles. 

When to book

Safari fanatics seek to visit the Grumeti for its thrilling adventure. Therefore, there are only a few spots available, and we highly recommend that you secure a place in advance by booking for up to a year. 

Volcanoes National Park - Rwanda

Why choose Rwanda and Uganda

Rwanda Volcanoes National Park has an excellent gorilla trekking experience. In Uganda, the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you can watch the endangered mountain gorilla. The trekking activity helps you to keep fit. 

What makes Rwanda and Uganda  ideal in June

Both countries are experiencing a dry spell. These parks are based in the equatorial rainforest of Africa. The mud is limited, and tourists can trek with ease. There is also sufficient sunlight photographers can snap the apes. 

When to Book

The parks issue a limited permit to travelers. It is the peak season, and you will have difficulty securing a place in the lodges. We advise that you reserve your slot by booking a year in advance. 

Best Place in July

Masai Mara National reserve - Kenya

What to expect

The astounding emerald vegetation is admirable, but this is not only what the Masai Mara can offer. The prominent Great Migration of wildebeest coincides with the country’s dry season. The spectacular display of predators chasing after their prey is unforgettable.

Why Masai Mara in July?

The skies are blue, and the animals are crossing the infested crocodile waters. The destination is inevitable to wish to visit. 

When to book

The Mara private concessions are often fully booked through. Tickets are hotcakes that are sold out. If you are lucky, you can secure a lodge in six months. However, it can take a year to get your ideal first choice accommodation.

You can contact us to understand how the Wildebeest Migration works. Millions of animals travel from the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. 

Best Place In August

South Luangwa National Park - Zambia

Why visit South Luangwa in August 

The South Luangwa climate is dry and hot. The average temperature ranges from  12 °C / 54 to °30 °C / 86 °F. It hardly rains, and you can watch the game without much struggle. The walking safaris are perfect. 

What to Expect

The trackers will take you on a walking safari from one camp to another. There is much to see as you encounter vast herds of wildlife. There are also excellent game drives in this secret safari nation. The park has outstanding accommodation that you can relax on during your holiday.

When to book

There are minimal slots in the lodges and the walking safaris in South Luangwa. Therefore, we suggest you contact us to customize an itinerary to help you partake in the walking safari.

Check out other inspirational destinations in Zambia for a luxury safari. 

Cape Winelands & Whale Coast - South Africa

Why Cape Winelands and the Whale Coast

The top destinations are not crowded in August. The Cape Winelands are at a relevant distance from the Town, and you can sample the wines. The whales are visible off the coast. The Atlantic water is warmer, and the southern whales relocate from the Antarctic. A thrilling two-hour drive from Cape Town will take you to Hermanus. You can spot the mammals from the  Walker bay of the town. 

What to expect

South Africa is reputable for having the best vintages. You will taste a pleasant flavor of rich wine in the cozy cellars. The restaurants and hotels prepare outstanding cuisine that you won’t find elsewhere. Explore the Atlantic Ocean by observing the whales mate, feed, and play.

When to Book

Luckily, the Whale Coast and Cape Winelands are not super busy. However, it is the peak season for whale watching. We recommend that you book in advance to experience the authentic charm of the destination.

The foodie will find Cape Town idyllic. To understand better the wine vinelands read our detailed content.

Selous Game Reserve -Tanzania

What to expect in Selous Game Reserve 

The temperature in Selous ranges from 17°C at night to 29°C in the daytime. It is perfect timing to watch the wild dog and the lion. There are fewer visitors as the peak season begins. 

Why visit in August 

The Selous Game Reserve is vast, and most of the tourists head to Serengeti while others are in Masai Mara watching the spectacular Wildebeest Migration. If you weren’t lucky enough to secure a slot in these destinations, Selous is another beautiful park. The animal sightings are tremendous, and you will have the space to yourself. 

When to book

It is peak season in the park, and leaving it to the last minute can lead to missing out on the fun. Therefore, you should at least book three months in advance. 

If it is your first time traveling to Tanzania, this insightful content from our expert team can come in handy. There are plenty of activities that you can engage in.

Best Place In September

Masai Mara National Reserve 

What to expect

Watch the fascinating gathering of thousands of wildebeest seeking grazing areas in the Mara. The daytimes are warmer with a temperature of 27C while the chilly night at 12C. The dry season presents a scenic view. 

Why visit the Masai Mara

It is a striking moment when the animals are crossing the crocodile-infested waters. The pregnant females are cautious and energetic. Watch as the strongest of the fittest successfully survive. The big cats are also waiting on the other side, picking the fattest animals to feed on. It is a soul-stirring experience.

When to book

It is alchemist impossible to secure a slot in the last-minute rush. It is best to book 6 months before your visit to get exclusive services, and luxury accommodation. 

Masai Mara is an idyllic safari escape destination with a panoramic view and vast activities to do.

Ruaha - Tanzania

Why visit  Ruaha 

Ruaha is not a popular park compared to its contract parks in Tanzania. Nonetheless, this has not shunned off the light of the destination as it has plenty to offer. It has excellent game viewing opportunities for the tourists. The temperature ranges from 30°C (86°F) to 16°C (60.8°F).

What to expect in September

The majority of the visitors are crowded at the Serengeti to view the iconic wildebeest migration. Despite Ruaha not being a famous destination, you will have the value of your money. Additionally, you will have a breathtaking view of the wild dogs and the big cats. Vast herds of buffalo, elephants, and over 300  species of birds are available.

When to book

Ruaha is an all-year-round destination. You can secure a spot right away. The last-minute travelers will find this hidden gem accommodating. 

Western Cape & Garden Route - South Africa

What to expect

The Western Cape has chilly nights and mild days. There is also regular rainfall. The wildflowers blossom and decorate the route with their stunning colors. The Addo Elephant National Park has diverse fauna.

Why Visit during September

A road trip to the Garden trip is one of the mesmerizing activities in South Africa. The breathtaking pristine beach, ancient forests, mountains, wetlands, fynbos, lakes, and rivers perfectly combine with the scenery. At Hermanus the whale watching is fantastic.

When to book

Luckily in September, the learning institutions are in process. Therefore, it will not be a problem planning at the last minute. Contact us to help you in planning for your safari.

Best Place In October

Lewa Conservancy - Kenya 

Why visit Lewa

The Lewa Conservancy has excellent game viewing and especially in the dry season. It is sunny, and the roads are passable. Tourists can easily spot the wildlife as the grassland is thinner. Moreover, the park allows you to drive off-road and track down the fauna. 

What to Expect

Lewa Conservancy has a beautiful conservation history. The destination manages and protects endangered species, and it is a pristine wilderness.  It has a dazzling view of Tassia and Il Ngwesi arid and the scenic Mount Kenya. It is home to the charming antelope and the gerenuk. The lodges are stunning and are located in an idyllic setting.

When to book

You can book up to the last minute. Lewa does not receive many visitors as it is a hidden treasure. Explore the wilderness at your pace as you will hardly notice the presence of other visitors.

Lower Zambezi National Park - Zambia 

What to expect in Lower Zambezi Park

The park is famous for having a vast population of elephants and buffalo. The pristine wilderness offers the best game viewing. Tourists can partake in canoe safari, walking safari, or game drives. 

Why visit in October

Lower Zambezi is adjacent to the Zambezi River. As you take a canoe trip, you can capture the scenic view of the brilliant species of birds, the velvet monkeys, and big herds of elephants as they quench their thirst. 

When to book

Lower Zambezi National Park is quite accommodating. The ones that travel to Zambia safari are yet to discover what they are missing. It is therefore easy to book a slot up to the last minute.

Make sure to check out Zambezi inspirational destinations and some of the activities available.

Linyanti, Savute & Chobe - Botswana 

Why tour Botswana

Botswana experiences a dry season in October. The animals gather around the water sources, and you can spot them grazing in the savannah. There is a diverse population of lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, leopards, and hyenas. The country has the best luxurious hotels and infinity pools to unwind after a successful long safari.

What to expect in Botswana in October

Botswana is an iconic African safari destination. Elite wildlife and wilderness await your exploration. Linyanti can withstand harsh weather conditions and can retain water. Savuti also has an incredible game drive. Chobe is a birding destination dashing over 450 bird species.

When to book

It is a peak season, and tourists from all over the world head to Botswana. Hence, you should not wait up to the last minute. To avoid being disappointed, consult us, and we shall customize an ideal itinerary. 

Read more on the picturesque sightings available in Botswana and what makes a private safari in the nation great. 

Best Place In November

Cape Town & Kruger National Park - South Africa

Why visit South Africa in November

Cape Town is a leading light, thanks to iconic landmarks like Cape Point and Table Mountain. The natural panorama harbors the Cape Floristic area. The country has memorable road trips, beautiful farmlands, and lakes. Savor a significant local delicacy cuisine with tasty wine.  

What makes South Africa ideal in November

Kruger Parkas the best Big Five dramatic thrill. November is the most elysian time to visit South Africa. Various destinations have affordable rates and are less busy. South Africa safari is rewarding, and there are several festivals and exotic nightlife. 

When to book

Unlike in peak season, where you need to book in advance of one year to 6 months in November, it is less crowded. Reach us, and we shall organize an unforgettable trip for you.

Are you wondering which other African Safari perfectly combines with South Africa? Or the top destinations in South Africa? Well, we got you covered. 

Zanzibar Archipelago - Tanzania

Why the Zanzibar Archipelago 

The spice nation has pristine heavenly beaches. The warm tropical aqua and balmy weather are best for relaxation. The colossal whale sharks have already migrated and are present on the coastline. 

What makes Tanzania best in November

Blissful coral reefs and clean waters characterize the harbors, Zanzibar islands. Several marine activities make the exotic coastline perfect for diving and snorkeling. It also has rich cultural traditions, scrumptious cuisine, and soft sandy seashores. Lovebirds and romantic couples are fond of Zanzibar. 

When to Book

We recommend that you make your booking in advance if you want to swim with the whales. The islands are also prominent for honeymoon. However, if your main purpose of visiting is for flopping and shopping, you can tour at any time. 

Explore Zanzibar Island by following this detailed guideline. You will understand what to expect in the azure waters. There are also deluxe accommodations around all the beach paradise. 

Southern Serengeti - Tanzania

What makes Serengeti popular

The wildlife follows their ancient route to the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem. The animals give birth and feed on the Serengeti grassland. The predators are easily spottable. For instance, the Seronera Valley has vast clans of hyenas in the planer. The pregnant mammals are gracefully delivering thousands of young ones. 

Why Visit in November

It is not precise when the dramatic Wildebeest migration occurs. The rainfall predominantly controls the animals. Tanzania is in its wet season, and the short rain in the afternoon sprouts green grass, and the water sources are filling up. The rates are lower compared to the high season. 

When to book

The accommodations are available in plenty, and you can travel at your convenience. You can book after consulting your African Safari You can as well bring your family.

Best Place In December 

Kalahari Desert Botswana

What to expect

The red dunes of the Kalahari desert are home to the Cape fox, meerkat, brown hyena, and bat-eared foxes. With ease, you can spot the leopard, cheetah, and the famous black-maned Kalahari lions. There are numerous birds, buffalo, impala, and lovely zebras.

Why visit 

Kalahari is the second vast desert in Africa. The fun fact is that Kalahari is not entirely a complete desert. The short rain of December transforms the place into a utopic garden. The grass is greener, and the waterholes overflow. The immense wilderness is uncrowded, and you will have the place almost to yourself.

When to book

Compared to the peak season, Kalahari Desert is not super busy. However, luxury hotels tend to close during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Consult us to secure your slot.

Mahale Mountains - Tanzania

Why visit Mahale in December

The rain in the past months enables the trees to sprout the nuts, seeds, and primates' favorite fruits. The chimps gracefully feed on them. Chimpanzee trekking is an energetic activity that is unforgettable and active. 

What to expect 

Mahale is a unique protected destination that has several primate species. Some of the apes are endemic to the park. The rugged wild terrain is reputable for exciting chimpanzee trekking. The pirates dramatically fill the forest with their chattering.

When to book

The parks issue limited permits for the chimps trekking. You also need to prepare physically and psychologically. The primates can move swiftly, and only their fitness can keep pace. Book in advance as Mihale is a famous dense rainforest. 

Get to know more about Tanzania as the country has diverse fauna and flora. The list of activities you can do is endless.  

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