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Kenya Travel Guide

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Kenya Travel Guide Details

Kenya’s vast plains are great for a classic safari adventure with excellent game viewing. A Trip to Kenya offers incredible scenic landscapes, cultural journeys, beaches on the Kenyan Coast, and big five sightings. The following Kenya Travel Guide will help you make the most out of your tour.

Best Time to visit Kenya

June to October are the ideal months for a Safari In Kenya. There’s hardly any rain and the temperature isn’t too hot. For birding enthusiasts, a visit in the wet season (November and December) is a great choice. But, Kenya is regarded as a great destination to visit at any time of the year.

Activities to do in Kenya

The following are the top 4 activities that you can do on a Kenya Tour:

  • Observing the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.
  • Hiking up Mount Kenya
  • Going to the Chalbi Desert
  • Diving in the Marine Parks of Wasini

The Wildlife of Kenya

Kenya is famous for its rich and extensive wildlife, especially the large concentration of mammals. You can expect to see animals like rhinos, hippos, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, and plenty more on a Kenya Safari.

Nairobi is a great place to see the endangered black rhinos. For visitors interested in birdwatching, Lake Nakuru National Park is a good choice.

Entry Requirements in Kenya

All travellers to Kenya over the age of 12 years will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Know full details about the entry requirements of Kenya concerning coronavirus by visiting the website of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

You need a passport with at least six months of validity, a visa, and a yellow fever certificate before your Kenya Safari Tour.

The Culture of Kenya

The following are some of the major tribes that live in Kenya:

  • Kikuyu – From the central highlands of Kenya (they make up around 20% of the population)
  • Kalenjin – They’re from the Rift valley (15% of Kenya’s population)
  • Luhya – From the western region of Kenya (14% of the population)
  • Luo – From the Nyanza area (12% of the population)
  • Kamba – From the eastern Nairobi region (11% of the population)

Tribes like the Maasai and Samburu still live in Kenya with a traditional viewpoint on life.

Highlights of a Kenya Safari

Below are the top highlights of a Safari In Kenya:

  • The rich fish and birdlife in Lake Victoria – the second largest freshwater lake on the planet.
  • Relax on the white sand beaches.
  • Visit the 14th-century port of Mombasa’s Old Town.
  • A Trip to Nairobi – where you can explore the Karen Blixen Museum and Nairobi National Park.

Kenya Travel Safety

Kenya is one of the safe countries in Africa to visit. The tourist industry is very established and visitors are heartily welcomed. As per the government instructions it’s advised not to travel to some cities and remote border areas to ensure your security.There is a small crime in big cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa,

Best Time To Visit Kenya

The best time to visit Kenya is during the dry season runs between June to October. The main attraction of Kenya safari is the wildebeest migration and they stay in Masai Mara from August to October and then move to Serengeti. Although wildlife viewing is a year-round process, it can differ from place to place according to the time.

Kenya Map And Highlights

Kenya is one of the top-listed safari destinations located in East Africa on the Indian Ocean coast between Somalia and Tanzania. But before visiting this African country, it’s important to know about its major destinations and highlights.Kenya’s total area is 582,650 square kilometers.

Kenya Safari Cost

    Kenya is a rewarding country with the best wildlife games and diverse landscapes. Because of this uniqueness, many travelers across the world come here every year. But before traveling, it’s important to know about the Kenya safari cost. Let’s have a look at it.The safari cost in Kenya is variable and it depends on the type of safari you choose.

Kenya Tourism

Kenya is one of the most visited safari destinations on the African continent. Tourism plays a vital role in its economic growth. Tourism in Kenya is the second-largest source of its economic development. The Kenya Tourism Board helps by developing tourism in Kenya.Visiting Kenya will help by increasing its economy.

Kenya Travel Advice

Kenya is one of the most visited countries in Africa. For its rich wildlife, picturesque nature and diverse landscape, it’s worth visiting. But before visiting you should follow the important travel advice.We can say Kenya is one of the safest countries in Africa. Terrorist attacks are rare and don’t need to be frightened to travel to Kenya.

Kenyan Visa

To visit Kenya you must need a visa. Kenya eVisa is an electronic single-entry visa that allows its holders to cross the Kenyan border for a stay of up to 90 days (three months).East Africa Tourist Visa – This is a joint tourist visa that allows holders to travel to and within the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda and the Republic of Uganda for the purpose of tourism.

Things To Do In Kenya

Kenya is home to awesome Indian Ocean beaches, world-class mountain trekking, beautiful national parks, scenic nature and cultural heritage.With these attractions, Kenya offers a great chance for safari activities. Let’s have a look at interesting things to do in Kenya.There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Mombasa including Fort Jesus, Mandhry Mosque, and Elephant Tusks Monument.

Travel To Kenya

Kenya is considered as the cradle of humanity, one of the greatest places to discover wildlife, and a mixture of African, Arab and Indian cultures.The authorities in Kenya set and regulate entry rules. If you’re unsure how Kenya’s entry requirements apply to you, contact its UK embassy, or your local Kenya embassy to ensure the below information is correct.


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